Question by west: How do i restore my IBM ThinkPad?
2 years ago I got a virus turned it off and put it away. i got a nwew computer and i want to get this one working again. I never had any real files on the computer that i want to keep so i dont care if they are deleted. It is IBM thinkpad T42. I want it to be like the day i got it.

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Answer by WyattEarp
Restart the computer and press the “Access IBM” button above the top row of keys on your keyboard when you first see the IBM logo screen. The correct button on your keyboard depends on the model ThinkPad you own.

Press the down-arrow key to move the cursor to the “ThinkPad Product Recovery Program” option and press the “Enter” key. Once the “ThinkPad Recovery Menu” appears, press the “F11″ key to start the recovery and restore process.

Follow the on-screen prompts to restore the ThinkPad T42′s hardware settings and software to factory defaults. When prompted to do so, press any key on the keyboard to restart the Laptop. Allow the recovery process to finish and wait for the computer to boot into Windows.


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