How to Measure Laptop Size? Detailed Guide

If you’re anything like us, you spend the majority of your time carrying your laptop. Fortunately, our bags take care of all the lifting and carrying while also protecting your items with drop-tested, padded compartments.

When trying to select a laptop bag or sleeve, you might experience some confusion. You don’t want the hassle of receiving the incorrect size or dealing with an uncomfortable fit for your device. Using a measuring tape or without one, we’ll demonstrate how to measure your laptop screen in this article and how to choose a bag for your laptop.

Most KNOMO bag device compartments and laptop cases have been designed to fit standard sizes of devices: 10.5″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″ and 15.6″

How to Measure Laptop Size?


First Up, Laptop Size Means the Screen Size

This could be very perplexing for non-techies. The number that is included with the name of your laptop, such as 13.3″ Considers the MacBook Pro’s width.

The number in fact is used to indicate the screen size of a laptop.

Using an example of 3 different 13.3″ laptop models, we can see that although the screen sizes are the same, their widths are all different.

Take a measuring tape and begin measuring diagonally from the bottom left of the laptop screen to the top right of the laptop screen to determine the size of the screen. Your laptop is that size.

Keep in mind that the bezel, the recessed casing that surrounds the screen and secures it in place, is not included in the screen size.

Although centimeters are sometimes preferred by retailers, inches are the most common measurement unit for laptops.

Some typical laptop screen sizes include but are not limited to:

  • 11.6″ / 29.46cm
  • 12.1″ / 30.73cm
  • 13.3″ / 33.78cm
  • 14″ / 35.56cm
  • 15″ / 38.1cm
  • 15.6″ / 39.62cm
  • 17″ / 43.18cm

Measuring the Dimensions of the Laptop

It is time to measure the dimensions of your laptop now that we are clear on what a laptop size is! The most crucial piece of information you’ll need to buy laptop bags online is the dimensions.

Inches are typically used to represent the dimensions of laptops, which are always expressed as their width, height, and depth.

  • Measure the Width

Let’s begin by taking the width. Take your measuring tape and place it horizontally across your laptop from left to right. The laptop has this much width.

  • Measure the Depth

Next, take your measuring tape and place it vertically across your closed laptop from top to bottom. This is how deep the laptop is.

  • Measure the Height

You must fully close your laptop and measure the distance from the bottom to the top of the device to determine the exact height of the device.


Converting Centimeters to Inches

It is very simple to convert a laptop screen measurement from centimeters to inches.

1 inch = 2.54 CM

As an illustration, if your screen measures 34 CM, you must divide that number by 2.54 CM to get inches.

34 CM (measured screen size):2.54 CM (1 inch is 2.54 CM) = 13.3 inches

Converting Inches To A Tenth Of Inches

If you measured the size of your screen in inches, it’s likely that you used a standard tape measure that measured in 16ths of an inch, whereas commercial inch units measure in 10ths of an inch (13.3, 15.3, and 17.1).

Utilizing the table below will make converting from 16th to 10th inches the simplest.

16ths Inch10ths Inch
13 5/613.3
14 2/1614.1
15 6/1615.4
17 5/1617.3

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

Without using a measuring tape, you can also determine the size of a laptop screen by comparing it to a piece of standard A4 paper (which equals 13″). It will either be an 11.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4, or 17.3 inch laptop, depending on how much smaller or larger the screen size is compared to the paper.

What Are the Standard Laptop Sizes? A.K.A Laptop Size Comparison

The 13 and 15-inch sizes are the most popular. Additionally, there are 12.5, 14.1, 11.6, and 17. Here are a few examples of typical laptop sizes for comparison.


How to Know Which Laptop Case Or Bag to Buy?

The best way to purchase a laptop bag or case is to look for items made specifically for your laptop model.

To find specific laptop bags and cases, for instance, if you have a MacBook Pro, use that information.

Due to changes in body size and shape over time, you will also need to know approximately when your laptop was made as well as the approximate year of manufacture. You will also need to know the screen size.

It might be more difficult for you to find products made specifically for your laptop if it isn’t a very well-known model or doesn’t come from a major manufacturer.

You can still find appropriate laptop cases and bags, though.

Finding laptop bags and cases that match the size of your screen will only take a little bit more time.

Pay attention to your body’s thickness as well. Additionally, bear in mind that some cases designed specifically for certain laptop models may not function with other laptops.

Most of the time, quality manufacturers will give more details and information on the size

Things to Pay Attention To

You’ve learned how to accurately measure the screen size of your laptop, how to convert between units, and even which unit is used in commerce up to this point.

But there are a few things that people very frequently get wrong.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • The screen is measured from the display corner, not from a top screen corner
  • Make sure to convert centimeters to inches
  • Make sure to convert 16th of an inch to 10th of an inch (commercial purpose)
  • Measure laptop thickness always when the laptop is closed


An easy task that takes only a few minutes is measuring a laptop screen.

Now that you are aware of how to measure a laptop’s size, we strongly advise that you record your measurements so you won’t forget them and end up having to measure your laptop again.

After that, it will be clear to you which laptop cases and bags to buy.

However, if you’re still unsure, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to assist you!