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How Long Should A Laptop Last – When I Need A New Laptop

If you’re unsure of how long your laptop’s battery ought to last, Or, do you want to know if it’s time to upgrade your laptop? In this article, we discuss how long a laptop’s battery should last as well as the typical lifespan of a laptop.

How Long Does The Typical Laptop Last?

For laptops, the same issues exist. An average laptop lasts between three and five years, according to most experts. Even if it lives past that, the components won’t be able to run complex applications for very long, so their usefulness will be constrained.

If a laptop’s method of use still corresponds with its current computing power, that is the key indicator of when to replace it. Although their range of tasks may be constrained, some laptops can still function effectively after more than five years.

However, based on my personal experience, by the time these components fail, much better options will be readily available on the market, at reasonable prices, so repairing wouldn’t make much sense.

However, keep in mind that these are just generalizations, so don’t take them as gospel. A laptop may last more than ten years under ideal conditions, or it may break after six months if it is handled or used incorrectly.

How Long Can A Laptop Last Before Needing To Be Replaced?

The lifespan of a laptop can occasionally exceed five years, and it may even continue to work after ten years, but its ability to perform a wide range of tasks may be restricted. Examining whether the laptop’s method of use still corresponds to its current computing power will help you decide whether you should replace it. If you need to purchase a new computer, here is some information on laptops.

Apple Macbooks

Many people criticize Apple products solely because of their infamously high prices. A longer lifespan for their laptops is achieved by Apple’s use of extremely high-quality components.

Although these products have an official lifespan of about 5 years, I know several people who have owned Macbooks for close to 10 years. The laptops themselves are still functional and can carry out tasks with reasonable ease, even though they needed to replace the storage unit or a few other parts.

As a result, I believe that Macbooks are among the best products in terms of durability. Whether you choose the more affordable Macbook Air or the more expensive Macbook Pro, you will still receive a very sturdy and superior product.

You can check out Macbooks on Amazon here (affiliate link)

Hp Laptops

Over the past few years, HP has put a lot of effort into establishing a reputation for producing high-end laptops. They have therefore made significant investments in the caliber of the materials and parts employed.

Accordingly, HP laptops typically last five years on average, but if used properly, they can last up to ten years or more. A mid-range HP laptop should last three years on average, per their official website. Its lifespan may be shortened by overclocking, using it improperly, and careless handling.

Opt for a business-class model like the HP Elitebook if you want to ensure that your HP laptop lasts as long as it can. I can confidently say that all HP laptops have a five-year lifespan based on my personal experience. The majority of the time, rather than a significant failure, you will want to replace them because they are out of date.

Microsoft Surface

Despite the fact that comparisons are frequently based on design and cost, the truth is that the component quality is also very high. They are incredibly strong as a result, and they will probably become obsolete before they malfunction.

While Surface laptops typically have a lifespan of five years, you can expect a much longer product life with some proper care. Most likely, the battery will run out first, but batteries are cheap and simple to replace. On Amazon (affiliate link), you can browse the different Microsoft Surface laptops that are currently for sale.

Lenovo Laptops

Since Lenovo is typically thought of as a budget-friendly laptop brand, most of their products are expected to last for about three years. Their premium and midrange products, however, are easily capable of lasting five years or longer.

My wife, who only performs basic tasks on her laptop (mostly web browsing and other browser-related activities), has always preferred a Lenovo laptop. Before upgrading to a model with a larger display, she first used a tiny 11.6″ Lenovo Thinkpad for a while.

Aside from being a little slow because of its outdated hardware (older processor and only 4GB RAM), that model, which is already four years old, functions perfectly. And it cost around $300 for this laptop. In other words, whether it’s a top-of-the-line laptop or a budget model, if you treat your laptop well, it will last for a reasonable amount of time. So choose your preferred Lenovo model if you want a low-cost but reliable laptop.


Asus Laptops

An ASUS laptop typically lasts five years on average. While some models only last three years, others are guaranteed to last longer. Therefore, it is safe to say that an ASUS laptop has a 3-5 year lifespan.

But if you treat your laptop well, it will last much longer. ASUS laptops typically last up to 10 years. But if you didn’t upgrade them along the way, by that time they would be seriously out of date.

Acer Laptops

Now let’s talk about my preferred laptop manufacturer: I have consistently used Acer over the years, including for gaming, and I have never had any issues with them.

Acer laptops have never given me any trouble, although I did manage to kill the battery in my first one by leaving it plugged in constantly.

The estimated life span of 3-5 years is therefore something I would consider to be very safe. It will probably last a lot longer, as is the case with all other brands out there.

How Much Are New Laptops And Computers?

Depending on these elements and a wide range of additional ones, the cost of a new laptop or computer can vary greatly:

  • Included features
  • Hard drive size
  • Processor type
  • Operating system
  • Brand

But when looking for a new desktop or laptop computers for your company, you can anticipate seeing some standard price ranges.

  • Laptops: The entry point for the most affordable laptops is around $300. But the features and speeds of these devices are typically constrained. The most expensive model can cost up to $3,000 in total. Although many laptop models in the $600-to-$1,000 price range are available, they can support the features your employees require without sacrificing speed or functionality.
  • Desktops: For models with few bells and whistles, desktop computers typically start at around $400. Costing over $3,500, top-tier desktop computers are generally expensive. There are numerous options between $600 and $1,000 that are suitable for your company.

The cost of each computer and laptop may vary depending on how many you need to purchase. For instance, you might be able to get exclusive pricing for businesses or bulk discounts.

Budget for the fact that desktop computers need peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice to function, which will increase your overall cost if you also need to upgrade those items.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Laptop?

Utilizing your laptop solely for its intended use is the best way to take care of it. Overclocking is beneficial, but if you must do it constantly, you might want to think about getting a new CPU. Ultimately, overclocking shouldn’t be commonplace for laptop computers. 

Last but not least, how well you care for your laptop will have a big impact on how long it lasts. A damaged battery is the most frequent cause of laptop failure. To make it simpler to understand, a battery degrades as it is charged more frequently. Your battery’s ability to store energy will diminish over time, requiring more charges. This issue is not resolved by overcharging or by leaving your laptop on charge. It is important that you turn off your charger and let your laptop run on its battery. When you take care of the battery, you’ll be surprised at how long your laptop will last.

Additionally, cleaning your laptop is beneficial. No, not the thorough cleaning; rather, more of a keyboard, screen, etc. wiping and dusting. Although laptops aren’t particularly sensitive to dirt, it’s still important to keep them clean to prevent moisture or dirt from getting inside their components.


To sum up, the user really determines how long a laptop lasts. The average lifespan of a laptop can be extended if you take good care of it. We advise purchasing a new laptop if you’re looking for something that is portable that you can carry with you but can still run powerful software. However, keep an eye on the price because many websites offer seasonal discounts.