10 Best Printer For Chromebook In 2022 [updated]

Don’t let your printer become alienated by the Chromebook’s distinct operating system. We bought the top printers for Chromebooks, as the name suggests. To test compatibility, color printing quality, and print speed, we started printing from our Chromebooks after unpacking our printers.

The best printers for Chromebook include: HP DeskJet 3755 Wireless Inkjet Printer, Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer, Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer, HP Envy 6055 Wireless Inkjet Printer, Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer…

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Best Printers For Chromebook

HP DeskJet 3755 Wireless Inkjet Printer

HP DeskJet 3755 Wireless Inkjet Printer
HP DeskJet 3755 Wireless Inkjet Printer

A well-known company in the world, HP makes PCs, laptops, and the parts that go into them for use in the home, in video games, and in the workplace. The company creates monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, audio systems, cables, and other PC accessories.

With its inkjet printing technology, the HP DeskJet 3755 wireless printer has a maximum print speed of 8 pages per minute (ppm) for black and 5.5 ppm for color. It works with pages that are between 3 x 5 and 8.5 x 14 inches, making it ideal for printing letters, legal documents, and envelopes. The printer has a 7 segment LCD display for an intuitive user interface and simple operation.

You can copy, scan, and print documents using this multifunctional printer. You can print from your online cloud storage accounts after scanning the documents directly there. It’s simple to fit the printer into your space thanks to its incredibly small size and wireless connectivity feature. Apart from Chrome OS, the printer is also compatible with all Windows OS versions, OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, and OS X v10.10 Yosemite

When signing up for the optional HP Instant Ink subscription, you receive Instant Ink for a 4-month trial period in addition to the printer. After the trial period, you can subscribe to plans for as little as $0.99 per month. A limited hardware warranty of one year from the original date of purchase is provided for the printer.

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer
Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

With a broad product line that includes printers, ink and toner, scanners, sewing machines, and cutting machines, Brother has established a solid reputation. To make your tasks at home and at the office simpler, the brand develops its products with flexible features.

This printer uses laser printing technology to increase efficiency and print pages at up to 32 ppm. You won’t need to refill the paper as frequently thanks to its 250-sheet capacity. For flexible paper handling, there is also a manual feed slot. Letter, legal, envelope, and card stock sizes are all supported by the printer. Additionally, it has auto duplex printing, which prints both the front and back of the page at once for maximum efficiency.

WiFi, USB, and NFC are just a few of the printer’s many connectivity options. You can scan documents to cloud services using the built-in WiFi and print them right away. Along with the printer’s compact size, it increases portability and reduces printing time. For easy access to fonts, frames, symbols, and templates, it has one-touch keys. The printer comes equipped with 14 fonts, 10 distinctive styles, 27 templates, 97 frames, and 600 symbols. Either an AC power adapter or six AAA batteries can power the printer.

Pantum P2502w Wireless Laser Printer

Pantum P2502w Wireless Laser Printer
Pantum P2502w Wireless Laser Printer

Pantum is a comparatively small company that focuses on creating and offering high-tech printers at competitive prices. The brand’s printers feature the newest features and technologies for quick and easy printing.

With a speed of up to 22 ppm (A4) and 23 ppm (letter) in black and white, Pantum’s P2502W printer is outfitted with laser printing technology for quick and high definition printing. A3 papers, cardstock, envelopes, and other paper sizes are just a few of the formats that the printer is compatible with. Additional features include support for various media sizes and weights up to 163g/m2. So that you don’t need to reload the printer frequently, it has a 150-sheet input capacity.

The laser printer has a stylish appearance and is small—it measures 13.27 x 8.66 x 7.01 inches—so it won’t take up much room on your desk. It has a sturdy metal frame construction that will last for a long time. The printer has a straightforward one-step wireless installation thanks to its built-in WiFi. A USB 2.0 port is also available to support wired connections. For printing from a mobile device, the brand’s app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

You also receive a starter cartridge with 700 pages when you purchase this printer. A year from the original purchase date, the printer is covered by a warranty.

Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer
Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

Another unassuming company that makes a variety of printers for use in offices and at home is Lexmark. Mono single function printers, color single function printers, mono multifunction printers, and color multifunction printers are just a few of the printer lines offered by the brand. Additionally, the brand offers printer-related supplies and accessories.

A small laser printer with convenient space-saving dimensions is the Lemark C3224dw. It has a 1 GHz dual core processor that allows it to print documents at a rate of up to 24 ppm. A further efficiency-enhancing feature of the printer is duplex printing. It supports a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi with a 4800 color quality. A respectable 256MB of memory is available for storing documents and pictures.

The laser printer’s built-in WiFi technology makes setup simple and takes only a few minutes. Additionally, WiFi makes it simple for users of mobile devices to scan and print documents. It works with a variety of apps, including AirPrint, Mopria, and Google Cloud Print. Not to mention the Lexmark brand’s mobile print app. For wired connections, additional connectivity choices include USB and Ethernet.

The printer has full spectrum architecture security from Lexmark, which safeguards your data both while it is stored on the device and while it is being transferred over a network. A single sheet feeder is included, and the tray capacity is up to 250 pages. The printer has EPEAT Silver rating and is Star Certified for energy efficiency.

HP Envy 6055 Wireless Inkjet Printer

HP Envy 6055 Wireless Inkjet Printer
HP Envy 6055 Wireless Inkjet Printer

Adding to our list is yet another HP printer. The diverse needs of consumers are met by a wide variety of printers in HP’s product line. This printer is a member of HP’s Envy series.

The wireless HP Envy 6055 printer is a multifunctional device with printing, scanning, and copying capabilities for both text and images. For B&W printing, the printer can produce 10 ppm. Furthermore, it has an auto duplex feature that enables it to print two sides of a page simultaneously without user intervention. Additionally, borderless photos and documents can be printed using the printer.

To advance the creation of a sustainable world, 20% of the plastic used to make the printer was recycled. With integrated WiFi technology, the printer is quick and simple to set up. The HP Smart app is necessary for the mobile setup. You can share documents from your smart device to the cloud storage service using this app to print, scan, and copy. Your entire family can also access the shared documents if you have granted access. Additionally, the printer is Alexa-compatible, enabling voice commands to be used to control it.

This printer also includes an optional HP Instant Ink service subscription, similar to HP’s DeskJet model. Following a four-month free trial, you can choose from plans starting at $0.99 per month. From the original date of purchase, the printer is covered by a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer
Brother HLL2390DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

The second printer from the Brother company is this one. In terms of features and performance, the printer is very similar to the brand’s previous product. This is a much more affordable choice, though.

This monochrome laser printer has been designed to produce the most output possible. With a printing speed of up to 32 ppm, it is one of the most effective printers. Additionally, for maximum efficiency, the printer has a big 250-sheet paper capacity. In order to insert the papers sequentially, there is also a manual feed slot. It has automatic duplex printing, which prints a page on both sides at once.

For convenient scanning and copying of pages, the printer has a flatbed scan glass. As well as A4, letters, legal, envelopes, and card stocks, it supports a variety of paper sizes. You can easily print documents from your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, laptops, and desktops, thanks to the built-in WiFi feature. The printer is equipped with Amazon Dash Refillment, which can detect the toner level and automatically place an order on Amazon when it is running low.

A one-year warranty from the original purchase date is provided by Brother for this printer.

Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer
Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Canon adds yet another printer to our list. Compared to Canon’s previous model, this one is significantly more sophisticated. The company offers a wide variety of printers with various features and in a range of price points.

As a printer, scanner, and copier, the Canon MG7720 wireless printer is a multifunctional device. It uses inkjet printing technology and prints at a respectable 15 ppm. The printer can print on a variety of media, including envelopes and 4 x 6 borderless photos. For color printing, it supports a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, and for black-and-white printing, it supports a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

With the aid of built-in WiFi, the printer has a quick and simple wireless setup. From laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, printing is simple. Additionally, it supports AirPrint, NFC, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Canon Print, and Mopria. For wired connectivity, there is also an Ethernet port available. It has a 3.5-inch touchscreen that makes setting adjustments simple.

A one-year warranty from the original purchase date is offered for the printer.

Canon PIXMA MG6620

Canon PIXMA MG6620
Canon PIXMA MG6620

This model is in line with the Canon Pixma series’ reputation for excellent photo printing performance. Despite its diminutive size, the printer produces stunning color and black prints that are on par with those produced by more expensive high-end products. Additionally, NFC is built into the printer, enabling you to start printing with just the touch of a compatible device. You can now print pictures directly from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. thanks to the company’s integration of social media with its print app.

The printer has separate ink tanks, so you only need to replace the ones that run out. This gives you more freedom to change the ink in your printer. This printer’s ability to be purchased in a variety of colors, including Burnt Orange, White, and Black, is its best feature. The top Chromebook printer also has USB connectivity, making it work with Google Chromebooks. Make sure to look it over.

Epson Workforce WF-2860

Epson Workforce WF-2860
Epson Workforce WF-2860

When it comes to printers, Epson is a formidable force, renowned for a number of high-performance printing options. You won’t need to change paper as frequently with this particular offering because it has a 150-sheet paper tray. Additionally, this device has a 2.4-inch touchscreen display that you can use to quickly start a print and check the print status. Additionally, the WF-2860 offers double-sided printing, which is now a requirement for printers in the modern era.

This printer fits perfectly on your small table or desk despite being slightly taller than the others in terms of overall space requirements. Here, convenience and options are provided to the customers by default-enabled features like NFC and wireless printing. Similar to the majority of Epson printers, this one also supports Amazon Dash replenishment, essentially guaranteeing that you’ll never run out of ink again. The best printer for Chromebooks is also capable of scanning, faxing, and copying documents.

Samsung Xpress SL-C480FW/XAA

Samsung Xpress SL-C480FWXAA
Samsung Xpress SL-C480FW/XAA

Samsung is well-known for its diverse product line, which includes everything from home appliances to smartphones and tablets. The printer falls somewhere in the middle, and the company is only known for a few of its models. Many features found in this particular offering are not present in many printers. By pressing the printer’s Eco button, the manufacturer claims that you can save up to 20% on printing expenses.

You can print photos as well as common documents on this color printer because it is one. Additionally, it has an NFC chip that enables printing with just a tap of your phone or another NFC-enabled device. Because this printer connects to devices via USB, Chromebooks are automatically supported. Amazon Dash replenishment, which orders toner or ink for your printer when you run out, is another feature that has been added. The printer is fairly feature-rich because it also has the ability to scan, copy, and even send faxes.

Although setting up the printer doesn’t take long, the company is willing to install it for customers who are unsure of how it works for a reasonable fee. Take a closer look at this list of the best printers for Chromebooks. See more about Can You Connect AirPods To A Chromebook?

Types Of Printers

Inkjet Vs. Laser Printing Technology

The best printers for printing colored pages and images are inkjet printers. Their color blending is better, and they have a wider range of tones. They are incredibly slow, though. When printing in black and white, laser printers are better suited. They print more quickly and have paper trays with a large capacity. They can also manage work involving bulk printing. However, heat-sensitive paper types are not supported by laser printers.

Printing Speed

The time it takes a printer to print one page is known as printing speed. Either ppm or ipm, i.e. pages/images per minute. Additionally, printing in color and black and white has a different speed depending on the page size. A printer needs to print at least 10 pages per minute. It should have at least 20 ppm if you want an effective and durable printer for your office.

Connectivity Options

WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, and Ethernet ports are among the many connectivity options that the printers have. Due to its simplicity of setup, WiFi has supplanted other connectivity options as the preferred choice for the majority of printers. A wired option would be sufficient if you wanted a printer for your office. However, you must choose wireless connectivity if you need a portable printer and are constantly on the go.

Features For The Best Printer For Chromebook

The following are the criteria for selecting the best printer for Chromebook

  • Google Cloud Print-ready
    This is the big one. Since most Chromebooks don’t have the ability to recognize third-party drivers, Chrome OS instead uses what’s known as “Google Cloud Print” to connect the printer wirelessly to your laptop. You can check Google’s full list of compatible printers found here
  • Color printing
    Despite what might seem like a given, not all printers in 2017 are equipped with color printing by default. Make sure the printer you purchase is capable of handling the tasks you intend to assign it, particularly if you intend to print a lot of photos or presentations that require the most vibrant color possible. To maximize its effectiveness, use the best printer ink.
  • Print speed
    How fast a printer can push out the pages is registered on a metric known as “PPM”, or “pages per minute”. The acceptable range for color printing starts at 16ppm, while you should generally search for and choose a printer that can produce at least 20ppm of black-and-white content. Of course, different people will have different preferences for the best photo printer times.

Who Should Purchase A Chromebook Printer?

Chrome OS is quickly emerging as a viable alternative for people who need a cheap, practical laptop that simply does what they need it to at every stage of the journey as more users realize that you don’t only have to choose from a Windows or OSX machine to get work done on the go (or, God forbid, Linux). Sadly, this ease of use doesn’t always translate to other devices, printers in particular.

We all need to print occasionally, if not daily, whether we’ve just purchased our first Chromebook or have been using the software since it was first introduced. Even though most tasks these days don’t require you to print anything out on paper, there are still plenty of situations where you’ll need to do so. For this reason, it’s critical to find a printer that works well with your Chromebook and any other laptops or desktops in your home.

Mistakes To Avoid

Buy Monochromatic On Accident

If a printer appears to be Cloud-ready, has a ton of extra features (scanner, fax, etc.), and is also being offered up at a price that seems suspiciously low, it’s likely that you are unintentionally looking at a monochromatic printer rather than a color printer. Although they can only print in black and white, monochromatic printers are typically much less expensive than color printers. This should be adequate if your only needs for the printer are text documents and shipping labels; however, if you ever want to upgrade to printing photos or color images, you’ll need to purchase a completely new device.

Skimp On Ink Quality

Everyone dislikes spending half a mortgage payment on ink cartridges every time one starts to run out, but investing in quality first will help you make sure you use every last drop of your current cartridge. When printing fine details in more detailed photos or illustrations, certified cartridges from HP and Canon both last noticeably longer than generic cartridges.


How Much Are Chromebook Printers?

In essence, you’re looking at the majority of the consumer and even business printer markets, so your choices range from small, inexpensive consumer printers that cost as little as $70 to massive, expensive business printers that cost many thousands of dollars.

Do Chromebooks Require Special Printers?

The majority of brand-new printers and many older models will work with a Chromebook, but not all of them. In some cases, the printer itself will function, but your Chromebook might not be able to access certain features or settings. Fortunately, Google keeps a list of links to printer manufacturer websites where you can check if a printer is compatible and which features, if any, might not be supported.

What Application Do I Need To Print From My Chromebook?

A Chromebook can be used to print without the use of a specific app. Simply follow Google’s (or the printer manufacturer’s) instructions for setting up a printer with a Chromebook, and you’ll be able to print from any Chromebook app or browser just like you would from any other computer by pressing Ctrl + P or choosing Print from the menu.

With Chromebooks, Can Printers Print On Both Sides Or In Duplex?

In most cases, if the printer supports duplex or two-sided printing, you will be able to use that feature with a Chromebook without any issues. Before purchasing a printer, it is always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website to make sure the feature is fully supported on Chromebooks.


The best printer for Chromebooks may not always be the best for every operating system, but what really sets them apart is the level of adaptability and compatibility you find in models like the HP OfficeJet Mobile 200.

These are generally inexpensive printers that can still print high-quality photos using Google’s Cloud Print platform without being constrained by overly complex configuration setups or six different ink cartridges intended to perform ten different tasks. The OfficeJet 200 is the ideal choice if you need something that works well for both mobile workers and students.

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